Monthly Archives: April 2015

LBLC Fun Day!

The big kids had a great time on their field trip! The Turtles made their own fun here!

Field Trip Tomorrow!

We’re getting ready for our trip tomorrow- I hope you’re ready too!

The Staff Have Been Busy!

Carpenter Nature Visit

We had so much fun learning about different animals and how they move. The Carpenter Nature Center staff was awesome! We got to learn about animals, watch them go, and even touch some too! Most everyone enjoyed getting up close and personal… of course there were a few that preferred a look from a distance.

Pajama Day

We had fun in comfy pj’s!

Theme Thursday!

We had fun at our imaginary beach today… although a few were a tad confused as to where the real sand and water were.

Wacky Wednesday

Sorry for the delay- We had lots of fun hair yesterday!

Team Tuesday

We had lots of Team Pride today… Well except for one who was forced to wear a Green Bay shirt 😉 Don’t forget tomorrow to start thinking about what hair style you’re going to create!

Monday Mix & Match Fun

Lookout Ridge

Field Trip Season is upon us! We are excited to start by going to Lookout Ridge. It’s an indoor playground full of tubes, slides, a tree house, and more.