Monthly Archives: March 2016

Happy Easter

We at Little Beginnings wish each of you a happy Easter! It’s a wonderful time to celebrate, knowing we are washed from our sins because of the love of Jesus!

Magic Bob and the Magic of Dr Seuss

Magic Bob made it today and the show was a great hit! After being rescheduled due to weather, Magic Bob amazed the kids this morning with fun Dr Seuss inspired magic. The kids thought he was very funny and couldn’t figure out how he made things happen! There were a few volunteers throughout the show and then everyone got the chance to pet the

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Happy St Patrick’s Day!

We have lots of green around the center today! The rooms are all having fun reading stories, making art, and celebrating St Patrick’s Day today. The best part was starting the day with some yummy green eggs and ham! Some had to be convinced that it was a good idea we encouraged everyone to try at least a bite. Amazingly enough, most everyone actually

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Food Safety

Even teachers go to class…

Thank You!

We wanted to thank you for all your generosity and help! The fundraiser money we collected this year has gone to improving our curriculum, brand new printer, and TOYS! It was like Christmas when all the boxes of fun things were delivered. We also received a thank you card for all of the pajamas we collected. They went to the Lewis House here in

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