Teething & Bag Lunches

art-for-student-nurse-brochures-clipart-panda-free-clipart-images-8owfwf-clipartEach month our Public Health Nurse visits the center. She checks in to make sure everything is safe, answers questions, and keeps us informed on different licensing and health topics. This is why we may come to you with a request or need, even if we thought it was okay prior. Overall, we only have the best interest of the children in mind in everything we do!

Jersey City, New Jersey, USA --- Mixed race baby smiling --- Image by © JGI/Jamie Grill/Blend Images/CorbisThis month she brought an article all about teething babies and medication. If you or someone you know has a child that is teething, or will be soon, follow this link and read the article. It’s from the FDA and has some good information.

mcchickenbrownbagbrownbagFinally, the USDA has created new guidelines for bag lunches. I will be emailing the guidelines to parents but wanted to post them here as well. This way they are easy to find down the road. While we have catered lunches and most of the time your child will eat from the menu here, there are a few times when parents need to send a lunch to school. Please know that we are required to follow the USDA guidelines for every child. This means that if you send a lunch to school that may be lacking in an item, we are required to supplement with food here. As a mom that packs lunch for her school age children every day, I know it can be tricky to get everything included and be something that the child will actually eat. We thank you for doing your best to include each food group item. Remember that as parents and care givers, it is our job to introduce and provide them with nutritious food options. As a child, it is their job to decide how much and what they actually eat.



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