Welcome to December

crown-cartoon-sketch-vector-illustration_94588129Butter Braid Royalty

We are excited to announce our Butter Braid Royalty!  Jacob and Caden Keene where the top dollar sellers and earned the title.  Congratulations!  We will pick a day soon where they can celebrate their reign by dressing for the occasion and picking snack for the whole center.

Speedy DeliveryTruck_Transportation-512

All of the Butter Braids and Cookie Dough will be delivered on Wednesday December 9th in the afternoon.  It is important that everyone picks up their items as soon as possible.  We have very small freezer space and that space is full of breakfast foods for the kids.

ticket-iconTickets, Tickets, Tickets

Don’t forget to put in your order for tickets for the Christmas Play!  The kids are working hard and can’t wait to show everyone what a great job they are doing.  Remember that 12 and up are $5 and orders need to be emailed to Ms. Annie.  The actual tickets will start to be passed out in the next day or two.

nativity-combo-775x1024Have you made your costume yet?

On that note of the Christmas Play, each family should have been informed on what their child is to wear for the play.  If you
need help with ideas or implementation, just let us know.  Also, if you know your child won’t be able to attend that night, please let us know that too.

Thank you!

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