Monthly Archives: April 2016

PJ Friday

It’s been a fun week celebrating and having fun together! We couldn’t think of a better way to finish the week than to rock the pj’s. Everyone is comfy, cozy, and cute! Thank you for helping participate in celebrating The Week of the Young Child. We really do appreciate all of our little learners, and all of the great families!

Career Thursday

The future is bright! The kids of LBLC have great dreams of doing many different types of careers. We have lots of future doctors but there are also some train engineers, sports players, sheriffs, teachers, bakers, fire fighters, and future moms and dads here! Everyone had lots of fun thinking about what may be to come.

Crazy Hair Wednesday

We had colors, pony tails, spikes, and even some hair that had lights today! Some friends worked hard to make some crazy hair and some looked forward to simply not brushing their hair in the morning. Either way, we all had fun sporting some pretty crazy hair today!

Hero Tuesday

LBLC is safe from any danger today! We are full of little heroes of all kinds. Of course there are plenty of Batman and Superman… but we have some other heroes as well. We have one little firefighter and a few as their dad!

Rainbow Monday

There are lots of festive colors today at Little Beginnings! Even the babies dressed up!

Week of the Young Child

Week of the Young Child is almost here! Next week, April 11-15, we will celebrate our youngest learners along with other preschools around the country. We came up with different themes each day and would love for as many children to participate as possible! Read through and see how much fun and creativity you can have for each day.

Mike the Baker

We had a lot of fun with Mike the Baker visiting! He came with fun songs, stories, and awesome bakery tools. We learned that bakers have to wake up very early to make the dough. Then everything gets put in the giant oven to bake. There were some friends that got to play “instruments” and everyone got a hat, coloring page, and even a

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Congrats Ms Ashley!